Bbc videó megtekintése, Spotted! Top Gear’s Stig dodges security at LEGO HQ

Spotted! Top Gear’s Stig dodges security at LEGO HQ

You can help ease problems like climate change because, as entrepreneurs, you recognize opportunities where others see chaos or confusion. You szemvizsgálat a modern berendezéseken well be the saviors of our planet and reap commercial success at the same time.

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A wicked problem is an economic, environmental, social, or political problem that is difficult or impossible to solve. World Hacks is a BBC programme that takes on wicked problems and looks at how they can be solved.


Brainstorm some solutions to each problem. When you have solutions, then click on the link and see what really happened.

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By using very simple techniques to transform the way they manage bbc videó megtekintése soil and animals, dairy farmers are helping their cows emit less methane per liter of milk they produce. Respect My Remittances: Remittances are the billions of dollars sent home every bbc videó megtekintése by overseas migrant workers. But far from home, many workers fear their families are not spending their money in the right way.

What are some solutions for giving overseas earners more bbc videó megtekintése over how their hard-earned cash is being used? When she returned for a visit to her village in Pakistan, she saw the pain that the women have to go long distance to get water.

They lack cash to pump the water below the village and to pay for the electricity. No cash and no water, but they had heaps of goats.

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How could the villagers turn the goats into water? Her solution has to do with how supermarkets sell food in the first place.

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What was her solution? Lend me your eyes:  How smartphones became sight for the blind.

A smart entrepreneur has come up with a crowd-sourcing technique so that blind people can see. How could he help blind people solve everyday problems by combining smartphones video technology and an army of micro-volunteers?

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Performer and bbc videó megtekintése Jess Thom believes theaters should be more welcoming of people who do not follow the regular rules of theater etiquette.

Crowdsourcing ambulances: In a life-threatening situation, the first urge is to call an ambulance. What if you country does not have enough or any ambulances in poor communities?

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How could mobile phones together with crowdsourced volunteers create a medical emergency network in isolated communities? The poor quality of roads we drive on and the waste plastic epidemic.

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