Myopia hyperopia astigmatism

The majority of people wear this type of contact lenses.

myopia hyperopia astigmatism

These type of vision correction is just as effective with toric contacts as wearing eyeglasses. Contact Lenses for the Correction of Presbyopia: Bifocal contact lenses serve as a vision correction for presbyopia the inability of the eyes to sharply focus close by.

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Color-toned Cosmetic Contact Lenses: Color-toned cosmetic contact lenses are normal spherical lenses vény a látásra have a special coloring in their interior layer — the colored layer perfectly blends into the eye color, but never comes into contact with the eyes.

The custom tinted layer highlights or can completely changes the light or dark colored eyes, even if the person have a perfect vision. If you have astigmatism, your distant vision is blurry or distorted myopia hyperopia astigmatism on the severity of your condition.

Besides this condition, you might be nearsighted or farsighted myopia hyperopia astigmatism well. Astigmatic Vision                                 Corrected Vision Astigmatism can prevent people to carry out their everyday activities, which require to see in the distance, such as reading traffic signs or see close by like reading a newspaper.

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